Are you looking for romantic yet simple aesthetics with a touch of Southern European heritage? Well, you should consider the Mediterranean style interior design. This style is primarily characterized by warm and light tones in a color scheme. 

Simplicity and Natural Materials 

You can complement the theme with an extensive selection of natural materials such as cotton, wood, ceramics, and wrought iron. The Mediterranean design blends convenience, simplicity, and boldness. As such, the style is ideal for both apartment and house design.

For an authentic Mediterranean style, you can give your home a relaxed neutral, and cooling white backdrop that will give your home a high-end styling. The Mediterranean style goes well with natural accents and high-quality wooden furniture items.

Mediterranean Living Room

If you have a white living room, you may try to install a charmingly carved wooden coffee table in the middle of the room to add interest to the crisp white ambiance. A modern L-shaped sofa can also add charm and style to the room and complement the wooden coffee table to give a natural tone to the elements in your home. To give your room a more relaxed vibe, you can mix the sofa with patterned and plain white pillows. You may also consider installing LED strip lights at one corner of the room to distribute extra lighting.

In case you are looking to design your home with lovely colors, the Mediterranean decoration style will surely give your home a new fresh look and a comfy feel.